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Our Food Supply And The Value Of Local Growing

There are many ways that local food suppliers bring great value to their families and to their communities. Now more than ever we are seeing how important those farmers are, the growers who are responsible for bringing the food that we eat to our tables. The value in having local growers is something we might […]

Dine Out Vancouver Still On Until Jan 31 2022

Dine Out Vancouver is running from January 14 through 31 and there are a variety of great restaurants around the Lower Mainland who are taking part. This event is celebrating 20 years in BC as a culinary annual experience that encourages people to go out and support restaurants in their communities. The food and drink […]

Privacy Commissioner To Look Into Tracking of 33 Million Devices in Canada

The Public Health Agency of Canada reportedly accessed location data from at least 33 million mobile devices in the country in an effort to monitor the movement of people during the pandemic. Now, the privacy commissioner is going to be probing that surveillance effort and looking into that use of cellphone data. The information about […]

Truckers in Canada Protest Mandates and More

There has been some confusion lately about mandates for truckers traveling in Canada and it has sparked a lot of outrage with many across the country and elsewhere. Protests have been organized and many have taken to social media already to express their frustration. Just recently, a number of truckers paraded their vehicles to protest […]

Incoming Ban on Older Trucks Expected To Be Another Supply Chain Blow

The supply chain is still struggling to the point that a number of items are seeing buy limits put in place and other goods might be difficult to find right now. Pictures of empty shelves are being shared across social media, showcasing those supply chain woes at different stores around Canada, the U.S., and elsewhere. […]

Are We Now Seeing Inflation In BC Home Assessment?

BC Assessment letters have recently gone out to British Columbians and given them new information about the changes to the value of their homes. Inflation has been a top concern for many Canadians and we’ve been told that prices are going to go up for living. It was reported last year that the country is […]

BC Open Net Pen Farmed Salmon Placed on Avoid Buying List by Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch has placed BC open net pen farmed salmon on the avoid buying list, along with other seafood products coming from other areas of the country. On their report they state that due to the impacts of sea lice and disease transmission that these items are on the avoid list.The majority of farmed salmon […]


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