Hundreds of complaints over snowy sidewalks

City staff in Vancouver have recently let it be known that hundreds of complaints have come in over snowy sidewalks after snow had fallen recently around the Lower Mainland here in British Columbia.

Those complaints about snowy sidewalks apparently prompted hundreds of inspections too but news reports suggest that no fines yet had been made in the matter.

There might be many who are unfamiliar with the expected need of clearing the sidewalk and when the snow does start falling it can become incredibly difficult for many to make their way around the public streets, especially those who struggle with disabilities and cannot access the sidewalk entirely during those snowstorms.


For those who fail to clear the sidewalks properly they might end up seeing hundreds of dollars in fines over it.

While you will see many who don’t make the effort there are a number that do take the time to promptly go out and clear the driveway, making sure the sidewalk is cleared and salted for those who are passing by.

For those who struggle to get out and clear there are also Snow Angel programs that look to link-up volunteers to clear the path with those who can’t do it themselves. This is a great way to help seniors and others who might need some extra assistance with keeping the sidewalks cleared.

The snow fell recently around the Lower Mainland and quickly made a mess of driving conditions, with some people taking a lot longer than usual to get home on their normal routes.

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