Canadian Hospitals Consider Hiring Back Unvaccinated Workers

Some hospitals around Canada might be considering hiring back unvaccinated workers in the face of shortages that they have been dealing with.

An effort has been ongoing to see those workers reinstated to their positions with a Hire back our Heroes initiative.

Could those who had been let go because of their vaccination choice be considered once more in places like Ontario, BC, or other provinces, because of the health-care shortages that have been so widely reported on?

There are already a number of healthcare workers who had been hired back in places like Alberta after they were on unpaid leave over their vaccination choice.

There are skilled and ready workers across Canada who can take up those positions and help to get things back on track.


Canada Facing Shortage of Health-care Workers

Some provinces are facing a severe shortage in health-care staff, thousands of workers are needed to help meet the demand.

It is no secret that there is a strain on the system.

A number of companies have also dropped their vaccine requirements too, including TransLink which has decided to drop its vaccination policy for staff and new hires recently.

We have seen unvaccinated workers go back in multiple circumstances to a variety of occupations and if there is a need of health-care workers across Canada, with willing and able individuals who can work those positions, vaccination policies getting in the way could impede the system from working as efficiently as possible.

Canadians deserve better and there are still many health-care workers out there across the country who are waiting to get their jobs back.

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