#BCSnow is back again in Lower Mainland

Snow is back in the Lower Mainland and has been falling heavily all day, building up and causing quite a bit of slowed down traffic.

Good Samaritans were seen in different parts of the Lower Mainland doing their part and plowing the sidewalks to help others out in the community. There was also a great deal of traffic and might have taken a bit longer to get home than usual because of the weather.

The snow didn’t come as any surprise to many though, as it has been on the weather warning that snow would eventually hit this week.

The South Coast around BC was expected to be on the lookout for a significant snowfall and it has already started for the winter season. We are now facing a sever winter forecast for snow and there could be more during the week.

Many parts of BC have seen snowfall warnings and winter storm warnings as we brace for the snowstorm ahead leading up to the last month of the year.

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