Restaurants in BC warn of short lettuce supply

You might be looking to order something off the menu at a local sandwich shop and notice a recent warning about the lettuce supply that isn’t only impacting those in BC.

Short lettuce supply in Canada

Due to agricultural and weather-related events there has been a lot of news recently about a lettuce shortage in the country and some restaurants have already brought about a lettuce portion reduction to try and deal with that situation. Efforts are being made currently to try and manage the lettuce supply chain.

Shoppers might go to their local grocery store and see short supply or shocking prices.

News reports on the lettuce shortage in Canada have pointed to crop disease and supply chain issues that have contributed to the problem we are facing currently.

Deliveries continue to come in but customers have also been asked for patience as the situation is being sorted out.

Photo by Mark Stebnicki on Pexels.com

More lettuce coming soon

Grocery stores in the region are having issues with sourcing lettuce and shoppers are finding themselves paying more for the product that is available in some circumstances.

It has been anticipated by some that perhaps the lettuce supply chain issues will be sorted out toward the end of the month, as more crops are harvested and sent in from the US over the coming weeks.

Different products might be impacted. For example, some businesses were seen serving sandwiches made without lettuce, or the portions of lettuce are being limited for some sandwich businesses.

Shoppers might go to several locations on the hunt for a fresh lettuce supply with the recent restriction in the market that we have seen.

The lettuce shortage in Canada is causing issues around the country and it isn’t only here in BC that it has been impacting Canadians and businesses. Right now businesses are doing what they can to navigate the issue, even if that means taking greens off of the menu altogether until they can secure a better supply of lettuce.

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