Food costs rising in Canada making it harder to get by

The Black Friday shopping crowds were expected by some to be a bit smaller this year. As Canadians struggle to afford to keep a roof over their head, food on the table, and whatever else they might need, it could mean less going to things like finding deals on Black Friday.

One of the places that might have been worth looking at that one wouldn’t expect though is the grocery store. Prices for food have been increasing for millions of Canadians and a wide range of items around the store, it is becoming harder for those low income and fixed income Canadians to manage getting by and affording what it is that they need.

Some grocery stores offered deals on food this Black Friday shopping holiday and this couldn’t have come at a better time for some shoppers who are finding themselves going without to try and cover everything that they need.

food costs rising in Canada

Meat, dairy products, bakery items, vegetables, food items around the store have been increasing as inflation has been pushing up the cost of living.

Food has been getting more expensive and that means that more families might face food insecurity or be opting to go without because they cannot afford what they need. One previous survey on the topic found that about 20% of Canadians might be skipping meals because of those rising costs in food.

In 2021 it was estimated that millions of households around the country were living in food insecure households and through the pandemic we know that a lot of new pressure was placed on community resources. They’ve been stretched thin.


Rising food costs due to inflation have prompted people to look for cheaper deals, to buy in bulk, go with off brand, and look for anywhere that they might find a deal.

Housing and food affordability

It isn’t only food affordability that is on the minds of many. Housing affordability in Canada too continues to be a top concern with millions, especially young people today around the nation and young families.

Some cities in Canada are ranked among the most expensive to live in the world, including right here in BC and as rents and interest rates have increased it hasn’t fostered a lot of optimism with millions of people around the country. Many Canadians have already given up the dream of homeownership due to the out of reach prices that many working professionals cannot afford.

There are many individuals around Canada who have little to no wiggle room available to them to absorb drastic changes in their cost of living. We already see growing homeless encampments around BC and elsewhere in the country, is the homeless population going to get worse?

Experts have suggested that Canadians likely won’t see any meaningful decline in rent prices and a large number are already struggling with that cost of living and trying to pay rent. As well, financial experts in the country like RBC economists and others have also recently called for an expected recession sometime in early 2023.

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  1. Yep… MASSIVE increase in food prices this year! I’ve drastically cur back, esp since being laid off. I’m due to restock but putting it off as long as possible.

    At least I have investments I can cash. I am worried for families who do not.

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