An unusually cold November

We have had some strange weather this year with the extreme heat during the summer, a dry fall that was a bit warmer than usual, and now extreme cold in BC this November.

Those dry conditions that we saw around the province in September had apparently broken several records, things quickly changed and it is starting to feel like winter.

Weather reports this week have warned of dangerous cold that is sweeping across the province of British Columbia right now with freezing temperatures, along with wind and snowfall warnings.

Dozens of weather warnings had been issued around the province for cold conditions and potential snow.

It is starting to look and feel a lot like winter.

Some meteorologists say they haven’t seen anything like this in decades.

People in British Columbia have been told to prepare some unusually cold temperatures, and many have already seen snow.

Metro Vancouver saw its first snowfall of the season a few days ago.

According to weather records the snowfall in Metro Vancouver was the earliest that had been seen in this region since 1991, as the Lower Mainland in BC here usually won’t see snow until later in December.

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