Gas Prices Give Needed Drop Around Vancouver

Gas prices have recently come down around the Vancouver region and this is going to bring a lot of relief to individuals and families who are feeling the pain of the increased cost of living right now.

People around BC have paid more than many for the cost of gas at times, this region isn’t immune to seeing sticker shock at the pump.

When prices rise it doesn’t take much movement for the people to start becoming more vocal about the pain the increase is costing them.

It was anticipated that British Columbians might be seeing prices rise for gas which is reportedly linked to an increase in the carbon tax, among other factors.

One recent Global News report suggested that about 20% of Canadians were skipping meals right now because they are struggling with the rising cost of food.

The prices are increasing for various items and categories, increasingly Canadians are having to make hard choices about what they can afford.

No wiggle room on budget

For a number of Canadians they simply don’t have any wiggle room in their budget, they do not have any way to absorb those changes that are coming in the way of a rising cost of living because of inflation.


Food costs are increasing and the worse it gets it could mean that more Canadians are going hungry. We already know that food banks and other social resources have been maxed out in recent years too because of the pandemic demand.

The increased cost in food for Canadians places more pressure on that social safety net, a last resort for many that some critics have argued might be broken and unable to keep up with those who need help.

There are a variety of food banks and other organizations which are helping to fill the void for British Columbians and other Canadians across the nation. The decrease in gas costs recently can at least help some of those Canadians to make their dollars go a little further in getting what they need.

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