More Hidden Immersive Fun Around Vancouver

There are many different immersive events that have been planned around the Vancouver region. These themed events have touched on themes from favorite movies like Peter Pan, Harry Potter, and many other favorites.

Attending one of the hidden immersive events is like being transported into a unique time and place, with on-theme drinks and scenery it is one of the best ways to spend and evening.

2022 immersive events in Vancouver


find tickets to the ABBA Immersive Musical Brunch event here

Neverland (Vancouver) An Immersive Peter Pan Inspired Bar

more on tickets to the Neverland experience here

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – Food Edition

Find information about attending the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party event in Vancouver here

Beauty And The Beast Cocktail Experience

find information on tickets to this experience here


The immersive events that are held can be found in many major cities around the world today including right here in BC, Vancouver has held a number of events and there is more to come.

The immersive hidden experiences are great for a date night or night out with friends because they offer something fun and refreshingly different than your usual scene. If you are looking to dress up in costume or enjoy a serious themed event then this is for you too.

The hidden immersive events in Vancouver are some of the best entertainment events to attend and there are a wide variety of themes they’ve fostered in the past and more is still coming too.

The Wizards Den & Potion Putt immersive event experience in Vancouver are coming to an end at the end of Oct and you can find a code on their social media for a discount on those tickets.

Christmas Immersive Event 2022

There is more coming for Christmas this year with a fun and festive pop up bar event. Tinseltown Bar: Where Everyday Is Christmas is expected to be starting in November and running through December.

A Festive Pop up bar experience this holiday season

Find ticket information here to the Vancouver Tinseltown Bar: Where Everyday Is Christmas event.

This fun Christmas event in Vancouver will have Christmas food, Christmas drinks, and more. Bask in the holiday spirit right here at this fun and memorable 2022 Christmas immersive event in Vancouver.

There are many different immersive events to find around Vancouver throughout the year. One of the upcoming 2022 immersive events includes the
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These are just a few of the events that will be held around Vancouver, there is more to come.

You can stay up to date with Hidden Vancouver to know more about what immersive events are going to be coming to Vancouver.

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