A Gummy Company That’s Helping Endangered Species

The low sugar gummy market has been expanding in Canada and elsewhere. In the last decade the options for low sugar gummies has grown and now there is one more joining the ranks which is The Gummy Project with an effort that seeks to give back in creative ways.

– Low Sugar

– Plant Based

– Non GMO

– Gluten Free

– Low Calories

The Gummy Project is hitting all of the right needs here with gummies that are non gmo, low sugar gummies, gluten free, and more.

Vancouver based company

The Gummy Project is also a BC-based business, operating as a purpose driven Vancouver company using gummies to help give back.

Essentially, they are enabling Canadians to help causes that are important to them, by giving those who are purchasing the gummies a chance to help different endangered keystone species by raising funds for different partners.

So far you can find their gummies helping to fund conservation efforts for bees and sharks, but they are also just getting started.

The gummies taste delicious!

These are some of the best tasting low sugar, low calorie, plant based gummies that you will find in the Canadian market today.

After having tried multiple low sugar gummy options available in Canada you will be pleasantly surprised by these, those offered by The Gummy Project are supreme in flavor.

The gummies smell amazing as soon as you open the package and you get a decent amount for a serving in one pack as well.

Low sugar gummy trend

The low sugar gummies have been growing in demand and we see that multiple companies are trying to respond to that today in the market.

This BC based company has brought one of the best low sugar options to the shelves.

The Peachy Bees low sugar gummies that they offer, the ones that you can see in the photo, are just one option that’s available now with the other gummies you can find being their fruity Watermelon Sharks.

the gummy project bees peach
The Gummy Project Peachy Bees

Using gummies to raise awareness for endangered species

There are multiple retailers around the country today who are now carrying the gummies from The Gummy Project, keep a lookout for the sharks and bees.

You can also order from their site as well.

doing good with gummies

Not only are Canadians going to be supporting a cause they love with these gummies but they taste great too.

This is one great Canadian company that is doing meaningful things to have a positive impact on the world around us.

The Gummy Project is a company that helps to make it easier for consumers to have a positive impact as well with a simple activity like buying some delicious gummies. That’s a mission that many Canadians are likely to be happy to support.

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