Experts Warn Canadians Might See Higher Gas and Electricity Bills This Winter

We have been hearing a lot about the millions of people around Europe who might be struggling with an energy crisis this winter that many are worried about.

The price of energy and gas is expected to rise for millions and Canadians might not escape the crisis either it seems.

According to a recent report on the subject it has been suggested that Canadians could see a noticeable increase in their natural gas and electricity bills this winter.

Is the cost of living getting worse in Canada?

A report from earlier this year warned that more Canadians were taking on debt because of the rising cost of living. Another report from this summer had suggested that about half of Canadians were in a worse financial position than they found themselves last year.

Food banks have been struggling in Canada to keep up with demand that they have been seeing.

Some GTA food banks had suggested that they were seeing the highest demand in their history right now with so many who have been turning to them in need.

Inflation and the high cost of living might also be making it more difficult nowadays for community members to donate as well.

With the rising cost of living in food and rent we have even heard that there are students who have been sleeping in homeless shelters. This isn’t the standard of living that some might expect to find in Canada, we also know that inflation is an issue not specific to this country alone.

Vancouver and Toronto are among some of the most expensive cities to live in Vancouver and the high cost of living with food costs going up, potentially natural gas and electricity as well, those budgets are further squeezed.

Voting for change

The affordability crisis in Canada is one that a number of politicians have touched on throughout their campaigns. This is one issue that is close to home for many Canadians, a top voting issue when they head to the polls.

As the cost of living climbs in Canada it will further solidify the top issues for Canadians which includes healthcare and affordability as being the most important of the day.

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