No candy shortage around here

Is there a candy shortage going on? Some reports have suggested that a recent candy shortage might cause some upset for Halloween this year.

Most grocery stores around the Metro Vancouver region are fully stocked right now for candy supplies, so you shouldn’t have any issue finding some candy now or toward the end of the month.

Some candy companies might have suggested earlier this year that we could possibly see a candy shortage but British Columbians shouldn’t be too worried because there is no shortage here right now.

The worry about there being a short supply might have already caused some to stock up for the season earlier than usual, before they saw supplies running out.

Aside from candy for giving out at Halloween there are also a variety of other gifts that have become popular in recent years for households to give out to costumed children coming for a treat.

Alternatives to candy for Halloween

Stickers, stationary, puzzles, slime and other toys, even gift certificates for fast food places like McDonald’s or Wendy’s, these too have been given out previously for Halloween trick or treating.

Though going door to door might not be as popular for many people these days as it used to be, it isn’t the only way to find some candy. There are a wide range of festive opportunities for families to find around BC this time of year that offer some festive fun around the holiday for kids.

Trick or treating around malls has become popular in recent years, as well as trick or treating events at school with a sort of tailgate experience.

Popular candy treats in Canada

Some of the most popular candies in Canada that are given around Halloween include names like Aero, Crunchie, Coffee Crisp, Kit Kat, Caramilk, Bounty, Skor, and Mars bar. For a different experience instead of going from house to house there is also the option of going out and simply buying your own candy in one go.

One of the best places to do that would be with exotic candy stores around Vancouver, there is no shortage of them and they’ve got some of the best snack choices.

Where to Recycle Your Halloween Candy Wrappers in BC

In the past it has also been tricky to find convenient options for disposing of those flexible plastic candy wrappers and London Drugs has previously partnered with recycleBC to make that easier for people in the province.

It’s worth checking with them again this year to see if they will be hosting the same program once again for easy disposal of candy wrapper garbage.

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