Langley In The Fall: Pumpkin Patch Options Around Vancouver

There is a beautiful, small, and family run farm in Langley, BC known as Eagle Acres Dairy and this time of year they have the opportunity to visit their pumpkin patch.

At this stunning and falltastic location in Langley there is more than just pumpkins to find.

Eagle Acres Dairy is a great place to visit during fall as they have a seasonal corn maze and a pumpkin patch. Hayrides, great pumpkins, and memorable farm animals to visit too.

Find tickets to their farm events like the pumpkin patch this fall.

You can also see more about the farm here on social media.

Visiting a farm is a great way to not only support small businesses in BC like family run farms but it also provides a much-needed change of pace for many from the fast paced city life.

Photo by Laura Gimbel on Pexels.com

Taking the kids and heading out to the pumpkin patch during fall to pick the perfect pumpkin is a right of passage for many. Grabbing a hayride along with it makes it the picturesque fall scene that you’d imagine from a popular autumn themed movie.

At family run farms around BC you can find pumpkin patch experiences, hayrides, corn mazes, and other events that are held throughout the year.

It isn’t only the summer months that might make a great farm visit for picking fruit. There are other events held throughout the year as well.

Heading to a local BC farm and picking out a fresh pumpkin is another way to show those farms support and be able to enjoy some of the stunning fall scenery, discover memorable and unique animal experiences, and more.

If you cannot make it out to Langley, BC there are other farms around the province that are also offering different fall-experiences and pumpkin picking opportunities.

The family run small Eagle Acres Dairy farm is one of the best farms to visit during fall in BC for pumpkin picking they’ve got you covered this year.

Where: 8796 240th Street Langley BC Canada

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