Recent Salmon Die Off In BC Linked to Drought – Experts

Experts have recently suggested that a historic drought in BC could be linked to a major salmon die-off. Salmon have been having difficulty spawning due to the severe drought conditions they say and hundreds if not thousands of salmon have died as a result.

Some estimates place it at tens of thousands of BC salmon that now might be dead as a result.

The sad news has now made viral headlines as videos detail the suffering and scale of the situation, with thousands of salmon that have been impacted by the severe drought levels.

Lack of rain in BC

The record-setting lack of rain has been impacting the salmon population and the returning salmon have been dying in large numbers on the BC central coast.

Scientists have suggested that perhaps we might feel the impact for years of this because so many fish will not spawn now and it is hard to estimate exactly how many overall might have been impacted. The dry weather has persisted around the province and that hasn’t been great for wildfire season either.

Some farmers around the region have been struggling with these temperatures.

A few communities around BC have already set records this October for abnormal warm weather.

The extreme drought at least for right now they say doesn’t show signs that it is going to ease up soon. This could mean that more of the fish population might be impacted, among other potential concerns.

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