Going to restaurant still a treat most enjoy these days

According to recent data from NDP Group it looks like many Canadians are still enjoying a visit to their favorite food spots despite the difficult economic times many are facing right now.

The restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit through the pandemic with thousands of jobs that had been impacted. A number of those restaurants have been aggressively hiring with a variety of current openings still looking to fill those positions.

More inflation and higher food prices means Canadians have been looking to cut back on the food budget. This means less money for spending out at restaurants. Overall, the recent data shows that visits have been up a bit this summer compared to last year.


There are a variety of small businesses who are still struggling around BC though and some restaurants that have had to recently close their doors or are planning to close soon. It has been incredibly difficult times for food businesses over the last few years in BC and elsewhere.

Some food businesses who have been serving the Vancouver region for many years now but have had to finally call it quits.

Restaurants around Canada have also planned to increase their menu prices as they’ve seen inflation pushing their prices higher too and that might mean seeing things go up a bit more throughout the rest of the year in certain areas.

Photo by Flo Dahm on Pexels.com

For many the restaurant experience had been put off for a year or two, now things have been slowly starting to get back to normal. It has been difficult for some of those restaurants to fill those positions and keep up with the demand that they have been seeing.

A worker shortage in this industry has apparently left some businesses desperate to see who they can find to meet their needs.

One survey from 2017 showed that many Canadians love ordering takeout or going to a restaurant regularly, spending hundreds of dollars per month rather than cooking at home. Things are different for a number of Canadians these days though with inflation making the cost of living rise.

Inflation has nearly a quarter of Canadians cutting back on their food purchases.

Entertainment and food have been two of the more popular areas that Canadians appear to be cutting back in, a lot of families are stretched thin and struggling with the cost of living in Canada.

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