Another Winter Festival Coming to PNE

Another winter festival is coming to Vancouver at the PNE Fair that we can look forward to this year. Throughout the year they hold a variety of events and we can expect things to light up again this winter once more.

Tickets have already gone on sale for the PNE Winter Fair event which will feature a Holiday Night Concert series.

This will be a great event in Vancouver that features festive fun and music this holiday season. Shopping, skating, winter lights, food, music, what more could you ask for during the holidays?

When is the PNE Winter Fair? The 2022 PNE Winter Fair is expected to run from December 14-23 2022.

What time will the PNE Winter Fair 2022 be running? The PNE 2022 Winter Fair is expected to run from 4:30 to 10:30pm nightly.

This winter that means there will be a chance to see acts like The Tenors, Jann Arden, Johnny Reid, Dallas Smith, and others. Those music shows are going to be taking place at the Pacific Coliseum venue.

Find more info and tickets to the 2022 Winter Fair PNE Vancouver event here.


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