Experts Say Unusual Situation Pushing Gas Prices Up in BC

Gas prices are going up again in BC and it has many drivers feeling the pain.

Taking public transportation isn’t suitable for all individuals in the province. There are many who rely on driving to where they need to go and with inflation pushing prices higher in other areas already, it doesn’t take much to feel a move in gas prices either.

Experts have recently suggested that special circumstances might be contributing to the problem.


Due to an alleged refinery issue in Canada that has been going on in Alberta the price has recently shot up again.

Some refineries are said to be facing operational issues or they’ve gone offline, this is what experts credit with throwing a wrench into the usual swing of things for the supply chain.

Gas Supply Chain Problems

This is an unusual situation they’ve suggested and experts admit that this recent increase in gas costs for BC isn’t due to the war in Ukraine and Russia specifically.

The increase even a little bit in the cost that British Columbians are paying could end up turning into hundreds more over the year in their gas costs to get to work, school, or fulfill their daily duties etc.

The increase in gas prices especially harms low income Canadians and working class Canadians, when they have to pay more just to earn a paycheck and get to work.

The cost of living is on the minds of many Canadians today and is one of the top voting issues around the country.

Many of those who live in BC might not be unfamiliar with seeing high gas prices, but it certainly couldn’t come at a worse time when many are already struggling with inflation and the cost of living.

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