Papa Bowls are In BC Now

Pizza bowls have been a thing for years now, especially around the United States, but in BC there haven’t been many low-carb options in pizza products.

Why would you want such a thing?

Well, for some people this is the only way they can enjoy pizza and for those who are looking for that it can be hard to find.

Pizza Pizza, one of the biggest chains in the country, has been offering a keto pizza option for crust on their menu for awhile and now there is something else too, Papa John’s new pizza bowls.

papa johns pizza bowl

Papa John’s has released their new ‘Papa Bowls’ that offer a pizza experience in a bowl, ditching the crust, and not everyone has been thrilled at the idea.

Not everyone wants or needs to ditch the crust but there are many who prefer that and this brings them one more pizza option in the BC area.

The Papa Bowls are pizza bowls that combine pizza toppings like pepperoni, onions, cheese, sauce, and more, in a bowl so you get the same experience just without the pizza crust.

Just as good without the crust

chicken alfredo pizza bowl from papa john’s

There are options like the Italian meats pizza bowl, or you can go the route of creating your own as well and building your pizza bowl with different ingredients.

There is also the option of finding the Chicken Alfredo Papa Bowl or the Garden Veggie Papa Bowl.

The Chicken Alfredo Papa Bowl comes with Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, three cheeses and Italian seasoning.

If you want to change any of the ingredients on the list you can edit and customize with whatever else you want to add in to your pizza bowl.

These pizza bowls are a great addition for anyone who wants a low carb or crustless pizza experience, enabling them to order a pizza bowl through delivery or pick-up.

A top pizza favorite

There are a number of Papa John’s locations around BC and throughout Canada and they do seem to be growing.

They are currently one of the top pizza chains in the nation here and are found in dozens of others too. They aren’t just a top pizza chain in Canada but one of the top pizza businesses in the world with thousands of locations altogether. The new pizza bowls on the menu in BC here are likely to be a hit with many.

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