Is There A Healthcare Staffing Crisis?

There have been several stories recently about Canadians waiting a long time for an ambulance in BC.

Just recently, one story detailed how an individual with a broken hip had to reportedly wait 7 hours for an ambulance.

Another story details a woman who reportedly suffered a stroke and who waited over an hour for an ambulance.

This is a problem that might not be facing Canadians alone as there have been other reports of concerns over ambulance wait times elsewhere, such as in the UK recently.

Some Canadian villages have launched surveys to get an idea from the public about how bad the problem might be, what sort of wait times are people facing in Canada for an ambulance? In some regions it might be longer than others.

Recent reports on the situation in BC have suggested that an overload of calls to emergency services resulted in long wait times for ambulance services. There is also concern that perhaps a paramedic shortage might cause an issue with those wait times too for an ambulance in BC.

There have been multiple stories about long waits and it is concerning to know that it can possibly take many hours in an emergency situation for help to finally be able to arrive.


Be Prepared To Wait

We’ve heard about reports of there being issues in different regions around the province and across the country for staffing in the healthcare industry. It isn’t only ambulance services that might be suffering under that pressure, struggling to fill those positions to meet the overwhelming demand.

Mayors have also now reportedly been speaking up on the issue and some seem skeptical that no new solutions might be coming around to solve this problem.

There does seem to be more ongoing hiring however in the industry, yet still many have raised the question online in wondering why many who were let go over the last 2 years can’t be given their jobs back to fill that void.

We’ve also seen reports in Canada for some time now that ambulances might be sitting empty in BC because of those staffing shortages. Given the difficulty in hiring enough people they might need to think about paying more for the position if they are having a difficult time attracting enough interest.

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  1. This has been going on since the 80’s when Paul Martin cut back in health care payments to the provinces.

    And yes, they are paying for illegally firing nurses and doctors as well as other staff because of the samdemic.


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