Uber Still Looking to Expand Around BC

Uber is still looking to expand around BC and they aren’t the only ride-sharing service in the province. There are other ride-hailing operations that are already up and doing business in areas like Victoria and other markets.

For Uber though it hasn’t been as easy as they might have hoped so far though to launch around the province.

Uber has not been able to successfully launch in some areas yet and they are looking to enter the Victoria market still, along with Kelowna, and other potential areas.

Despite applying and being rejected though there could be another way.


Perhaps by purchasing an operating license from an already existing ride-hailing company in the province that might help to speed things along? This seems to be a route they are open to.

This is one way for them to try and get accepted to start operating with their ride-sharing services in the region. It is taking some time to get that approval and in the meantime there are many British Columbians who want to see more diverse options in the transportation market, not just in this province but around the country.

There is a great need for diversification in service and price, the more options that are out there the better it could be for consumers so that they don’t have to wait too long, or have to put up with bad services.

It could also broaden the market for more job opportunities around the province too.

Uber has had previous applications in BC denied over disagreement that there was any need for the service.

However, surveys have demonstrated that there is interest and demand for Uber ride-sharing services in Canada and it is already operating to some extent around BC and elsewhere.

Businesses have also vocalized their interest for Uber as well.

If the move to purchase another operating license from a competitor is successful then it might not be that much longer before we see Uber operating in more BC cities.

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