Survey Finds Some Canadians Tipping More In Restaurants

It isn’t custom to find tipping everywhere that you go today in the world. Across Canada though you will find tipping is the norm in various circumstances.

You might tip when you order food delivery, take a taxi, get your nails or your hair done.

Another example might be when you are dining out, where the general rule has been to tip between 10-15 per cent or sometimes 20 per cent. However, it varies for the individual and what they can afford.

Meanwhile, the tipping question is one that can still be quite triggering and there is heated debate on whether customers should be expected to tip at all.

Living Off Of Tips

For many positions in the food industry around Canada today there are numerous workers that rely heavily on those tips that they are getting and in most cases they are going to be split with several people at the business, rather than just going to one server.

Tips are how those individuals are able to pay their bills and they rely on that generosity from their customers.

Some individuals might feel tipping makes sense in certain circumstances and maybe that it doesn’t in others. Would you tip when picking up your meal from a restaurant? It isn’t always clear what is expected.


Facing Financially Difficulty

Through the pandemic more Canadians and others around the world faced incredible financial difficulty and this meant many individuals and families went looking to cut back on their food costs.

For those who are looking to reduce the money that they are spending on food this meant not as many nights eating out at restaurants, tipping was becoming more difficult. But now things might be turning around slowly.

One recent survey found that Canadians in Atlantic Canada are tipping more on their bill following the pandemic. The majority of those tips being given are also on average around 15-19 per cent as well.

Restaurant tips are different around the country

Not only have Canadians been found to be tipping a bit more now but other reports have suggested that they are tipping more than pre-pandemic levels in some circumstances as well. Around the country we are still seeing the 15-20 per cent tip average that has become known as the generally accepted rate for tipping in the market.

Though things aren’t turned around completely in the economy just yet that hasn’t stopped some Canadians from getting back to generous tipping when they go out for a bite.

Food delivery is thriving around BC and throughout the rest of the country and people have become comfortable again with going out and dining as soon as we saw those restrictions start to be lifted.

It’s great to see that for those who are still going out for a meal though that they are being generous with their servers.

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