One of the Best Cafes in Squamish BC

The Zephyr Cafe in Squamish BC is one of the best cafes to visit if you are on your way up to Whistler or looking for a great place to stop in around Squamish for a bite to eat. One of the best things on the menu to try is their delicious peanut butter bar.

If you love peanut butter chances are you’ll love this bar. This bar alone is reason enough to visit and the views don’t hurt either.

The Zephyr Cafe

38078 Cleveland Ave, Squamish, BC, Canada, British Columbia

The cafe offers great coffee, pastries and they also have food options like the Breakfast rice bowl or On-the-go breakfast bagel for breakfast, veggie wraps for lunch, cold brew and other great coffee options.

The cafe is great because it opens early and has a good variety for food and drinks. You can find smoothies here too, tea, and bottled drinks.

There are different cafes and restaurants to find around Squamish, BC, along with some food truck options as you can see in the photos above as well.

The Squamish Farmers Market is also a great event to find that goes on around town where you can get access to produce and items made from local farmers and small businesses.

The distance from Squamish to Vancouver is roughly 1-2 hours of a drive depending on the traffic. From there it is about another hour to Whistler.

Whistler is where many tourists come to visit from all over the world and for locals who might be driving up for the weekend it’s easy to stop in Squamish to fuel up and rest before making the rest of the trip.

Why visit Squamish BC?

Squamish is a beautiful community in BC and has that small town feeling, even though it has been seeing a lot of development in recent years. This area has a lot to offer most of all the beautiful scenery you are surrounded by when you come for a visit.

There are some great small businesses to support in Squamish BC.

Walking along Cleveland Ave for example is a great area to begin exploring Squamish, and a start with breakfast at the Zephyr Cafe is highly recommended.

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