Ghost Train Coming Back to Stanley Park

The Ghost Train will be coming back to Stanley Park Vancouver giving riders a chance to experience the festive fun once more.

The Ghost Train is going to be located on Pipeline Road in Stanley Park, Vancouver BC.

The Ghost Train will be running in Stanley Park from October 7 to 31 2022.

You can see more on previous train runs and different festive celebrations that have taken place here on YouTube.

The train rides have become a family fun event that is enjoyed during the Christmas holiday season and around Halloween too with the popular Ghost Train that has brought many families out to enjoy it during the time that is has been up and running.

Once more this year families get the chance to enjoy a festive and fun ride, and Stanley Park is a beautiful area of Vancouver to enjoy and explore any time during the year.

The Ghost Train in Vancouver is expected to be a mystical and fun adventure for families to enjoy as we roll into fall.

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