Lifeguard Shortage: Staff Shortages At Some Canadian Pools

Not only has there been a lifeguard shortage around the US recently but here too in Canada we are seeing staffing shortages at pools.

In Vancouver as the heat wave continues to bring extreme heat and humidity to the region some pools can’t operate efficiently because they are struggling with staffing.

Just recently, it was reported that the Kitsilano Pool closed a few hours early because they didn’t have enough lifeguards to meet their needs.


Lifeguard Shortage Around North America

Right now there is a severe lifeguard shortage that has been ongoing around North America and some lifeguards have even come out of retirement to help the situation.

Those lifeguards are needed to help pools stay safe and stay open during the summer. If they cannot get enough lifeguards on duty then that means closing the pools early and reducing those summer swim programs too.

There are many pools who have been impacted this summer around the US already that are facing a lifeguard and swimming instructor shortage and it seems that this isn’t the only region suffering with this issue.

Pools looking for lifeguards and swim instructors

For those who might be interested in a new job change to this arena perhaps now is the best time to apply for a lifeguard or swim instructor position because of the desperate need so many pools have.

The city of Toronto has also recently been urging people to apply for these positions too, there is clearly a need in more than one area of Canada.

With that lifeguard shortage it means seeing fewer at pools and around beaches. Some businesses have already considering increasing the pay to try and attract new interest to the position.

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