How Good Is The Whistle Dog?

The Whistle Dog is here from A&W at participating Canada locations for a limited time while supplies last. You might ask what on earth is a Whistle Dog? It is the new hot dog on the menu at one of the largest fast food chains in the country.


What comes on the Whistle Dog from A&W?

As you can see from the pic it comes with cheese, relish, bacon, and a pork wiener.

What sort of hot dog is the Whistle Dog?

At first I was expecting the hot dog to be a plant based option and I was surprised when I saw that it wasn’t, it is a regular pork wiener that is raised without antibiotics. The pork hot dog for the Whistle Dog at A&W is split down the middle and then filled with the ingredients.

The new Whistle Dog also comes on a freshly toasted hot dog bun.

You can make your own customizations, remove cheese, or add more bacon etc. Decided to test this one out as it comes and not make any substitutions. It tasted great, 10/10 and would definitely order this one again.

Review: 10/10

It is not common to find hot dogs on the menus at Canadian fast food locations and it is refreshing to see another change coming from A&W. They are one of the best Canadian fast food restaurant chains in the country and this is because of their branding, food options, quality of food, direction they have taken with compost packaging etc.

Whistle Dog Hot Dog From A&W Canada

Whistle Dog from A&W

This comes after A&W had another recent delicious addition to the menu with the Nashville Chicken Hot Chicken Sandwich. The Whistle hot dog is bound to be another hit for them because it tastes great.

new hot dog Whistle Dog from A&W

Didn’t expect to see this one coming from A&W and it is sure to be in high demand for late night snack cravings, don’t forget that it is only available while supplies last.

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