Pop Up Farmers Market in Richmond

There is a great pop up farmers market to visit in Richmond that brings the chance to find some fresh vegetables and also help students at the same time in the BC area. This pop up farmers market is a little different because this produce is grown by students.


Local produce sold at the pop up farmers market in Richmond is sustainably grown by students from KPU Farm Schools. Those KPU BC Farm Schools are the Tsawwassen First Nation Farm School and Richmond Farm School and the food grown is then sold at the market.

These KPU farm schools offer multi-month programs that give students a great foundation of learning what goes into farming. They get to be educated by some of the best, learning from true food-growing experts on the principals and practices that go into regenerative farming.

The students have been busy growing things like kale, chard, romaine, scallions, broccoli heads, beets, and more.

A visit to the pop up farmers market is a great way to support the students and get a chance to try some delicious, fresh, local BC produce as well.


Where to Find hands on farmer training programs in BC

During the pandemic many more people became interested in farming, growing, and starting their own gardens right at home.

There is widespread interest for growing and supporting local food systems, as well as embracing regenerative farming practices that can help to bring value to the community as well.

This is one place to find that education for those in BC who are interested in learning more about farming, and for those who want to get hands-on experience with growing food and all that might be involved with farming today.

Buy Local, Fresh, BC Produce

The pop up farmers market associated with the farm schools is a great way to show support for those students and to get access to a good selection of local produce as well.

You can browse their social media page for more updates on those pop up farmers markets.

Photo by Greta Hoffman on Pexels.com

Subscription Boxes for Quality Produce in BC

The pop up market isn’t the only place to gain access to the great food that they might be growing. There are also produce box subscriptions that you can find which are associated with the farm school, these services offer a multi-week subscription for small, medium, or large boxes of produce.

The subscriptions for BC produce are another option for accessing some quality local BC food and you don’t have to drive all the way to Richmond to get it as they’ve got different pick-up locations.

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