Survey Finds Almost 80% of British Columbians Planning Summer Vacation Close to Home

This summer is busy for travel and many Canadians are looking to get away and enjoy some relaxation, time with friends, or fun with family. One recently survey by BCAA suggested that as many as 78% of British Columbians might be looking to take a vacation this summer but they are wanting to stay closer to home.


Canadians are eager to get out and enjoy summer but growing inflation and the rising cost of living is making it more difficult for families and individuals to be able to afford it. Those rising costs have been a travel concern for many.

For others there has been an extensive wait on passports and that has meant having to cancel plans altogether for summer. It looks like overwhelmingly there are many Canadians who are planning to vacation this summer. But this is also being met with concerns too about the airport and ongoing travel issues that continue to be reported on in the news.

Domestic Travel Popular With Canadians for Summer 2022

Around the world we have slowly been seeing the travel industry get back on its feet and this summer has once again shown a busy travel demand, with lines at Canadian airports and elsewhere of people looking to head out on vacation once more. As travel restrictions have continued to relax worldwide that travel demand has come back from the low that the pandemic brought about for air travel.

Domestic travel is what looks to be most popular with many British Columbians this summer season. It will be another busy camping year around BC as well, as this is a top destination for outdoor exploration, including camping, RV travel, and more.


Is Inflation Impacting Summer Vacation for Canadians?

For those families who are able to afford a vacation in BC this summer it will have a number of folks likely opting to stay close to home, and staycations will be popular with many. Staying close to home still affords the relaxation, getaway, and vacation experience, but it enables families to cut back on the travel-related stress and travel-related expenses too.

Photo by Rhys Abel on Pexels.com

This year as many Canadians have struggled with gas prices, the increased cost of food and other necessities, rent, and more, it has meant that they will have less to spend on things like summer vacations.

Though a large number of British Columbians look keen to travel this summer there are a few who might not be sure yet just how much money they want to spend. One previous BCAA survey on travel trends found that about 42% are not certain about the money they want to spend on vacation for summer travel this year.

Popular Summer Vacation Options

  • vacations in Canada involving a domestic flight
  • Road trip
  • camping or RV trip
  • rental cottage vacation

Canadians are looking to enjoy summer by getting out and still staying close to home, whether that be camping, renting a cottage by a lake, taking a short road trip, or a short domestic flight to another nearby Canadian destination. However, for those Canadians who have reported that they are cutting back on costs because of inflation though this is likely to have a noticeable impact on the summer vacation potential for many.

Thankfully, there are many ways to still get away on a vacation, while still staying close to home and trying to enjoy summer in a more affordable way.

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  1. It royally sucks stretching the dollar these days, although I am grateful my job has both given everyone a COLA (cost of living allowance) every year for the last few years plus an additional 3% raise because of company wide profits. But yeah, nearly impossible to take a trip.

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