Wildfire Crews Battling Flames Near Lytton

During that unforgettable wildfire season last year in BC the community of Lytton had mostly burned to the ground and many homes were destroyed.

Two people were also reported to have lost their lives, and other nearby communities were evacuated as well.

Now we see that around Lytton there are more wildfire concerns.

The weather has been warming up and that was expected to fuel flames near the area. This comes after the wildfire season had a bit of a slow start this year as things have been a little cooler.

Recently the wildfire crews have reported that they’ve made great progress though with setting up a new sprinkler system that is going to be positioned along a walking path to the provincial park near Lytton.

The ongoing Nohomin Creek wildfire was at over 2,000 hectares as of July 20, 2022.

Several properties have already been destroyed by the fire and there are other active fires around the province that crews are also working on and concerned about.

One of the Deadliest Weather Events in Canadian History

Last year BC saw one of the worst years for fires around the province and international firefighters at one point came in to help battle the fires that were raging around the province.

Millions of dollars had been spent during that season in 2021 on fighting these fires and the heatwave that we saw on the West Coast has been regarded as possibly one of the deadliest weather events in Canadian history.

BC saw a tremendous amount of damage from those fires and the heatwave also claimed hundreds of lives. It was a terrible fire season, especially for the community of Lytton to endure.

During that fire season we saw evacuation orders go out for Lytton and other areas around BC, many people were displaced.

It was said that the entire town of Lytton was basically on fire and as you drive through now even one year later you can clearly see the tremendous amount of damage that was done.

damage to Lytton BC from the 2021 wildfire season
Lytton BC after wildfire season 2021

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