Fireworks Kicking Off This Weekend in Vancouver

The fireworks are kicking off in Vancouver downtown this weekend on July 23 2022 for the Honda Celebration of Lights. This is a free event to attend and it is going to be one of the busiest summer events this year.

The fireworks celebrations in downtown Vancouver have brought tens of thousands to the English Bay area over the years to witness this event.

Fireworks Downtown Vancouver Summer 2022 Dates

  • July 23 2022
  • July 27 2022
  • July 30 2022

This year the fireworks celebration is featuring 3 different nights for Japan, Canada, and Spain. It is one of the most highly anticipated events taking place in Vancouver this summer.

Photo by Anna-Louise on Pexels.com

Where are the fireworks going to be?

This fireworks festival is regarded as the largest annual offshore fireworks competition that takes place in the world and it happens right here in beautiful BC in the Vancouver region downtown near English Bay.

Thousands of people have attended these fireworks events that have been held over the years in the Vancouver region, featuring different countries and their fireworks displays as a part of the offshore fireworks competition that has been held so many times in the province now.

The Celebration of Light fireworks event is one of the most beloved summer events and some folks will get to the area in the early morning and stay at the beach all day long in order to secure a good spot for the show later on at night.

There are also ways to find out about private seating too for those who might want to book a spot in advance and secure an area to watch the fireworks from. The fireworks give people a chance to have a good time and enjoy the beautiful Vancouver beach area surrounding English Bay and Stanley Park.

Another popular area that people watch from is Kits Beach as well.

Fireworks in Vancouver Kick Off July 23 2022

Expect the beaches for this show to be packed and expect the ride home to take a lot longer than usual due to the high popularity surrounding this event, and the thousands of people that have been known to show up to enjoy it in the past. The fireworks have always been a great show and now there are 3 more nights this summer to get out and enjoy them once more.

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