BC Top Summer Spot: Bridal Falls Waterpark

Bridal Falls Waterpark in BC is one of the best summer spots for families to go and have some summer fun when the weather gets nice out.

This year the waterpark is back open and there are several slides to find and enjoy at this awesome family-friendly waterpark that is located only about 1.5-2 hour drive from Vancouver.

Bridal Falls Waterpark in BC

Bridal Falls Waterpark in BC is one of the best summer places for families, kids will love spending all day on the slides and being in the water.

There is space to have a picnic too, or you can find snacks there if you forgot to bring some with you. At the waterpark you will find that it’s a great space where families can enjoy a great summer day outside doing different activities.


Waterslides ✔️

Beautiful Location ✔️

Family Friendly ✔️

Snacks ✔️

There are several water slides at this location and it is going to offer plenty of activities to do to fill up the day with and enjoy. The waterpark here in BC is one of the best for families that want to find a fun place for summer that is located outside of the Vancouver region.

Get outside of the city and go for a beautiful drive up to Rosedale to enjoy a day here.

On those hot summer days when the beaches are crowded and you are looking for somewhere to cool off and have a great time this is easily one of the best places to spend the day. The waterpark is in a stunning location and there is tons of space for the family and kids to roam around and enjoy the many different slides, pools, and beautiful park space.

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