Vancouver Shows Support For Beach Logs

The people of Vancouver have shown their support for the beach logs they grew to love so much and they want to see them put back.

For years you have been able to grab a seat on one of the many deliberately placed logs at the beaches in Vancouver.

However, they were removed at the start of the pandemic and it looks like they might not all be coming back. But the people of Vancouver have been voicing their discontent with that move, showing their support in wanting to see those logs brought back so that they can be enjoyed.

The logs were removed in an effort to try and promote physical distancing and they might not all return to the beach. There is recent news that they might be willing to put some of those logs back though but perhaps not the entire batch that had been removed.


Why do people care about the logs coming back? For some it is about bringing back the charm that they say those logs brought to the beach and community overall. While for others they might just want to see a reversal of what they think didn’t make sense in the first place, why remove the logs? And why remove them for so long?

These logs have been around these beaches for decades. They’ve made the beaches more accessible by providing those great seating options for people who want to spend the day by the ocean. We might not see all of the beach logs in Vancouver coming back but if the people have their say it seems that perhaps a few of them might be returned.

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  1. all the resulting wood pulp settles in the water and kills the eel grass and destroys the liveability of spawning fish and the resulting fry…. Its a disaster as bad as the death of coral and all over the world they are replanting this eel grass…Logging companies should be sued for clean up…


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