Is Canada Building a United Country?

A recent survey asked Canadians what their thoughts were about a united country being built and the potential for a prosperous future as well, it showed that many don’t believe Canada is on the right track to unity in the nation.

About half said they thought Canada was not going in the direction of unity.

You can’t make everyone happy, but you also cannot boldly ignore a certain demographic of people or certain viewpoint either. All Canadians deserve to feel represented and heard.

For those who feel that Canada isn’t on the path to unity you might say this is pessimism but to those who you ask who are feeling that way perhaps they might simply call it realism.

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If Canadians don’t feel that there are efforts being made to listen to their voices too, that there are no efforts seeking to get two sides to understand one another then why would they think there was any path to unity? We can see that there has been a lot of division throughout the pandemic, disruption and upset that has taken place surrounding various protests around the country.

Multiple surveys have shown the same thing previously though, that there has always been quite a bit of disagreement as far as whether or not the country was headed in the right direction.

Out Of Reach Home Ownership for Canadians

As for a prosperous future there are many questions there as well. Many Canadians have given up the dream of homeownership already because of the prices they are facing in cities all around the country.

There are also concerns for retirement too for many Canadians that are worried they won’t be ready in time. The Covid-19 pandemic seemed to make things worse for a lot of people and even still inflation is a battle for millions around Canada and elsewhere.

One previous CIBC poll found that over 30% of Canadians might be nearing retirement without any savings ready for them when they get there. Another Scotiabank poll on the same topic found that about 70% of Canadians don’t think that they will have enough for retirement.

Through the pandemic Canadians seemed to become more divided over things like politics and policy, with multiple surveys suggesting as much.

Affordability and the cost of living in Canada are one of the top concerns for many Canadians.

There might be plenty of political disagreement but one thing that does seem to unite Canadians though is the reality that many of them are struggling right now, wondering whether or not the future will be a better one because of how things look for affordability, inflation, and perhaps maybe the political environment as well.

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  1. Beautiful article ! I think you are right not Only the people of Canada but the people of other countries are also struggling for different issues . Well shared.😊👌


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