Travel Disruptions Heading Into Summer

It is a busy summer for travellers in Canada and around the world. Many people made their way to new destinations over the long holiday weekend recently and there was a huge disruption as far as cancelled flights and rescheduled flights for many.

According to Flight Aware, a travel tracker, it is estimated that Air Canada ranked number one out of all others in the world for flight delays this recent long weekend.

The disruption has brought the attention of politicians around the country as well, they want to know what the reasoning is for the hold up that we are seeing at different stations around the nation for people who are trying to get different required papers etc for their travel plans.

Source: via twitter.com/CandiceBergenMP

Some of those Canadians admit to standing in line for hours just to try and get their new passports that are needed for travel.

The frustrations have been felt not only in the country here but there have been issues with travel plans around the world as people look to get away for the summer.

Cancelled and delayed flights have caused a great headache for many. Some experts have even suggested that these Canadian travel delays might even last through until the end of summer, that they won’t be over anytime soon.

Photo by Daniel Frese on Pexels.com

Majority of Canadians planning a summer vacation

There are many Canadians who are looking to get away for a summer vacation this year, even if things are difficult right now with inflation and an increased cost of living for millions. They might be staying closer to home because of gas prices but there is broad optimism to get out and enjoy summer by making some fun vacation plans, according to various surveys.

Last year we saw surveys indicating that many around Canada were looking forward to upcoming travel plans in the new year for 2022 and now we can see that the crowds are off with a bang for the long holiday weekend. Many suspected that the backlog might have some impact because of the pandemic, for passports etc, but maybe many didn’t expect that it would be this bad in terms of timing or difficulty.

Streamline The Travel Process

To try and deal with the lines and ease this issue there are some special passport sites that have already been set up in areas like Calgary and Edmonton, as well as in the greater Vancouver region too. They are working on fixing the problem and once again trying to streamline that process for travelers.

Some of those Canadians with immediate travel plans are also allegedly being given priority at some officers in order to get the documents that they need for travel.

Air Canada Cancels Over 9,000 Flights This Summer

In another recent move it looks like Air Canada is going to be cancelling over 9,500 flights this summer. Will this help to get a hold of the travel chaos? It is only a matter of time before things become more streamlined for passengers and operators and they are already working hard to make that happen.

Now there are customer rights advocates who are raising the question of compensation that might be linked to those cancelled flights too. The hope with many of course, on either side, is that the disruptions won’t last that much longer.

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