Canadians Eating Less Due To Rising Prices

Millions of families are having to cut back because of rising inflation and the increasing cost to the standard of living around Canada and elsewhere. Multiple surveys have shown that many Canadians are doing worse financially this year than they were last year.

Not only that but another report has shown that almost a quarter of Canadians might be eating less because of the rising prices of food and everything else.

According to that report on the current standard of living for Canadians it looks like about 1 in 5 Canadians reported going hungry at some point in time between March 2020 and March 2022. Canadians are struggling with the rising cost of food.

There are many Canadians who need help to battle this environment of food inflation and more and it is clear that inflation is a top concern to many Canadians these days.

Through the pandemic we had already seen food banks and other community resources see an increase in demand, some of them were struggling to keep up. Now there is even more pressure as families across the country struggle to afford basics like rent and food.

May Food Inflation 9.7%

Food inflation was up to 9.7% around April/May this year and food isn’t the only area where Canadians are seeing prices climb.

For one food bank in Toronto they said that they’ve seen a drastic increase in the number of visitors that they are getting, thousands of new families are turning for help.

To try and help Canadians politicians have offered small rebates in some circumstances like the gas rebate in BC, or announced a pause on gas tax in areas like Ontario. Still, there are many struggling and wondering when more is going to be done to help. How bad is the situation going to get before it gets better? That is a question that many are no doubt asking themselves right now.

Surveys show that overall Canadians are feeling pessimistic, worried about the future, and feeling a great deal of anxiousness over the economy and state of ongoing and unchecked inflation.

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  1. I’m pessimistic too. There’s talk of a temp halt on the Calif gas tax but that’s only 18cents per gallon or $2/tank.

    I’m not eating less food but I’m eating cheaper food.

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