Don’t Miss The Fireworks This Summer

The fireworks are coming back to downtown Vancouver. This is one of the best summer events that takes place in BC during the summer, where thousands of people come to downtown around English Bay to watch the fireworks display.

Over the years the fireworks have brought many tourists and locals to the downtown area to see this spectacular event, full of music and great light displays. This year we can expect another busy atmosphere at the Honda Celebration of Light 2022 event.

There will be several countries featured in this downtown Vancouver fireworks display taking place on three different nights in the summer this year.

Honda Celebration of Light 2022 Date Nights

  • July 23 2022
  • July 27 2022
  • July 30 2022

What countries will be featured in the fireworks event?

  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Spain
Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

This is an annual music fireworks festival where you get to see fantastic fireworks displays go off around English Bay in the downtown core.

Many of the hotels and restaurants have traditionally been sold out for the event, and many might already be fully booked up as it has gotten busier this summer for tourism.

The English Bay area gets incredibly crowded for this event with thousands of people making their way to one region or another to see the fireworks going off from the barge.

This is a fantastic family-friendly fun event to enjoy during the summer in BC, one of the best and most beautiful summer events with the spectacular fireworks that they have each time.

The fireworks summer event in Vancouver can get crowded though and those who would like to book local restaurant tables, or even find some reserved seating in some limited spaces as well, they might have already started looking to secure those spots.


Premium Viewing for Fireworks in Vancouver

There are ways to find premium viewing for the Honda Celebration of Light 2022 fireworks in Vancouver, such as securing tickets to the Honda Celebration of Light Scotiabank Lounge which offers great views from the Stanley Park Brew Pub.

Best way to get downtown for the fireworks?

Whether you take public transportation or you are looking to drive it can easily take a long time to get home because of the huge crowds after the show that are leaving the downtown area.

If you are taking public transportation then that might mean making your way to one SkyTrain location in the downtown area such as Waterfront, Burrard, Granville Station or Yaletown-Roundhouse Station etc, and then perhaps taking a 10 min+ bus to get closer to the direct area where the fireworks will take place.

Stanley Park parking spaces and nearby city street parking spots can fill up quickly, so too can underground rental parking areas etc. Be prepared to brave the crowds if you are heading to this event because it will be a big one.

Hotels Nearby Fireworks Downtown Vancouver?

One of the closest hotels to the event is the Sylvia hotel, which is located right across from English Bay. Another nearby hotel is the Best Western Plus Sands on Davie St.

Some other nearby hotels that can get you close to this location in downtown Vancouver as well:

  • English Bay Hotel
  • Rosellen Suites At Stanley Park
Photo by Sami Anas on Pexels.com

Private Cabanas, Patio Seating, and Reserved Seating

  • THE CONCORD LOUNGE AT THE INUKSHUK which offers waterfront VIP lounge seating for a great view of the fireworks event
  • SCOTIABANK LOUNGE offering seating at the top of the bathhouse roof at English Bay
  • ENGLISH BAY GRANDSTAND reserve bleacher seating with elevated views of the fireworks event

There will be thousands of people coming out to see this event and English Bay isn’t the only area that many will be reserving seating and getting there early to try and watch the event.

Other surrounding areas as well, such as Kits Beach will also see an increase in tourism as many make their way downtown for the big fireworks event.

Photo by Heorhii Heorhiichuk on Pexels.com

There will be three different nights to catch the Honda Celebration on Light 2022 event this summer taking place on July 23, July 27, and July 30 2022.

It is traditional to see many people get there early in the morning and set up their spot on the beach to reserve where they might want to sit for the evening during the fireworks event. Spend the day enjoying the beach and then cap it off with a great fireworks show at night.

Now that there is more reserve seating options for the Vancouver fireworks event, with nearby lounge areas that have come up over the years, this gives more seating options which have been desperately needed for those who want to secure their spot well in advance.

Restaurants can fill up quickly with reservations, so too can hotels as the summer gets busier and more tourists come to enjoy Vancouver, depending on what you are looking to do that night it is best to get started early on the fireworks event planning if you are looking to go this summer

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