Staycation Planning With High Gas Prices

Right now with high gas prices it is forcing many to re-think what trips they might want to go on and what ones they can do without.

This also applies to vacations that many might be looking forward to take this summer.

People are still looking to take a vacation but they are looking to do it closer to home. For those who are in BC and who are looking to plan a staycation there couldn’t be a better place to do it.

There are a wide range of options as far as what you might be in the mood for when planning any great summer staycation or vacation option.

Around BC there are many summer activities to enjoy, including some free live music entertainment too.

Then again, you might want to plan a bit of a vacation up north and for good reason. You can see some of the most beautiful sights that the province has to offer.

It doesn’t take much driving to get out into the open outdoors and to see some stunning views like these along the highway on your way up or toward Alberta as well. The province has many provincial parks to enjoy and is a top camping spot for millions as well.

High gas prices might mean staying closer to home and looking for other things to do but there are many options when looking even around the city of Vancouver alone.

Camping trips, hotel staycations, spa nights, seafood by the beach or dinner in the park with mountain views, you can find a wide range of summer fun options in BC to enjoy.

Depending on how far Canadians are planning on driving on that staycation it could end up costing quite a bit extra.

Seeing as this area of the province is a top tourist destination in the country as well, it won’t be surprising if there are many hotels that are mostly booked up around Vancouver for the popular summer weeks ahead.

Camping spots are also going to be in high demand too. A camping trip around BC might also be one of the best summer ideas that’s family friendly and there are plenty of places to do it whether you want just a day camping trip or a multi-night adventure.

Popular Travel Destinations and Attractions Around BC During Summer Include:

  • Vancouver Island
  • Whistler
  • Harrison Hot Springs
  • PNE/Playland
  • International Jazz Festival
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
  • English Bay/Stanley Park
  • Greek Day On Broadway
  • Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Events to enjoy on a staycation around Vancouver

Some other summer festivals coming to Vancouver include those like the Vancouver Mural Festival, Khatsahlano, Vancouver International Film Festival, Honda Celebration of Light, Bard on the Beach, and the highly anticipated Vancouver International Wine Festival.

These are some of the best and most popular events to find going on around Vancouver.

The Honda Celebration of Lights is going to be taking place this year and the dates are scheduled for July 23, July 27, July 30. You can also look to book tickets ahead of time for the firework celebration if that is your staycation plan.

Popular Summer Cities Around BC

There are a number of popular areas that see tourists during the summer in the province and that includes Vancouver seeing many tourists come in from around the world.

  • Kelowna
  • Victoria
  • Whislter
  • Kamloops
  • Nanaimo
  • Penticton
  • Vernon

These are some of the best cities to enjoy around the province during the summer months. The hotels can fill up quickly though because of the high demand, the camping spots as well.

For a staycation that is a lot closer to home though, right here in Metro Vancouver, you’ve got many great hotels to choose from. spas, casinos, and fun summer activities to find this year going on as well.

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