DoorDash Partners with Loblaw For Rapid Grocery Delivery

Loblaw has partnered with DoorDash to announce a new rapid grocery delivery service that is meant to offer express grocery delivery to customers in Canada.

The new partnership will be bringing rapid grocery delivery and that service is expected to start this August which could mean seeing grocery delivery service in 30 minutes or less.

This is going to be a big competitor to those grocery delivery services that are available now which might not offer same-day delivery or only have limited options for delivery based on demand that week etc.

A number of other Canadian competitors are already offering grocery delivery and pick up grocery service. Overwhelmingly we see that Canadians have enjoyed and benefited from access to grocery delivery services.

For Canadians who want to get their groceries quickly though, without having to schedule and wait for a grocery delivery appointment, and for those who don’t want to head over and pick up from the store, this is going to be a great option for them.

The expected delivery time is reportedly going to be around 30 minutes or less for those who are looking to order food online and get their groceries in a short amount of time this way.

There seems to be growing demand for the quick on-demand service for groceries as well that you might see with food deliveries today from restaurants and this partnership will be meeting a need for Canadians who want that option.


Grocery delivery services can provide a great value to those who have limited time to do shopping, for those who can’t make their way to a grocery store easily, for seniors etc. There are many different circumstances which make grocery delivery, and same day options too, a great service for meeting food needs in communities around the province today.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Grocery delivery options in Canada

Today you can find a growing number of options for grocery delivery in Canada and that includes right here around the beautiful province of BC.

It isn’t only the big chains that have gotten into grocery delivery or pickup service either but there are small independent operations that are also offering grocery delivery services and food mailing options as well.

Fast, Same-Day Delivery

With gas prices what they are these days around BC it will not be a surprise to see if more Canadians go looking to save that time on the road and opt for grocery deliveries instead.

Now thanks to this new DoorDash partnership with Loblaw we are going to have one more option and this one is going to be a much quicker one too, for helping to meet the same-day grocery delivery needs of Canadians.

What cities can you find the DoorDash and Loblaw rapid grocery delivery?

The rapid delivery grocery service partnership is a new joint venture that will be kicking off in multiple cities around the country including Vancouver, BC.

The trend seems to be going in this direction and we can expect that in the future even more options will be available not only for delivery from stores around the province and elsewhere, but also for same-day delivery options too.

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