The Cost of BC Wildfires

Last year the BC Wildfire Service had allegedly spent millions fighting fires during the 2021 season. During the wildfire season we saw tremendous devastation, with the town of Lytton seeing most of its homes and buildings completely destroyed.

Though this might have been a devastating fire season it reportedly wasn’t the worst one on record. It was a busy fire season though and it has been reported that the heatwave claimed hundreds of lives around the province.

Numerous weather records were broken during that heat wave and that summer heatwave has been regarded as possibly the deadliest weather event in Canadian history.

For the summer so far in BC it has been a bit colder which is said to have subdued the wildfire season as well somewhat.

Still, experts have warned people in the province to beware especially after what we saw last summer.

During that 2021 wildfire season in BC it is estimated that there had been hundreds of fires burning around the region. Though it might not have been the worst on record it does rank as one of the top worst wildfire seasons for the province.


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