Locally Crafted Ice Cream From Rocky Point Ice Cream in Port Moody

Rocky Point Ice Cream in Port Moody has been making some delicious locally crafted ice cream for years in the Metro Vancouver area. They’ve got some of the best ice cream and a wide range of delicious flavors, with a store you can visit right now near the Inlet in Port Moody.

During summer in Port Moody this is one of the best places to visit and it gets busy often, there is usually a line out the door and for good reason.

Rocky Point Ice Cream on Murray St

Rocky Point Ice Cream in Port Moody

Some Rocky Point Ice Cream Flavors to try:


There are so many good flavors on the menu it’s hard to try just one.

Yes, they offer milkshakes here too and you don’t want to skip on the waffle cones either.

Some locations might have different flavors though, so check the menu online before your visit if you want to see what’s current or what seasonal treats might be offered.

It isn’t only in Port Moody that you can find this company either, there are several locations where you can find these ice cream products and another venue in New Westminster too, and they’ve got their trucks also.


Using Locally Sourced Ingredients

The ice cream here is made using locally sourced ingredients and they’ve been making small batch ice cream for years now in some of the best flavors.

It’s a great location for the Port Moody venue as well because you are right down by the water, you’ve got the Rocky Point Park there too. You can order some ice cream then go for a walk, or sit down for a summer picnic somewhere or take a milkshake with you to go.

This is a beautiful area of Port Moody to explore and the Rocky Point Ice Cream makes for a sweet treat during those hot summer days.

This is one small business in BC that many are happy to support and that is obvious with the demand they see, they are frequently busy with many customers who want to come again and again to enjoy the good ice cream here. They’ve also had some impressive growth over the years too since their humble beginnings over 25 years ago.

Aside from the great ice cream there are some great cakes they’ve got here as well to find, like the Sprinkle Cake which would be deliciously festive for any occasion.

Ice Cream Treats For Your Dog

On the menu they have a doggie cake too for your pooch to enjoy which is made with plain ice cream, along with crushed kibble, and a dog biscuit on top.

They also have their K9 ice cream which is plain ice cream with dog kibble mixed in. This can be ordered in a large size like a pint or in a cone.

Rocky Point Ice Cream truly does have some really great ice cream and the service there is always friendly. The Port Moody location is a great ice cream spot to stop in and visit during summer, but if you aren’t close to that location there are other ways to find their ice cream around Metro Vancouver too.

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