Survey Finds Canadians Are Struggling to Feed Families

The inflation in Canada is getting to many families that are feeling the pinch in their wallets.

The gas prices are high, the food prices have been increasing, and it seems that people cannot seem to catch a break.

Inflation is on the minds of many these days and will continue to be a popular topic for political candidates to discuss as well. We have seen that issue touched on as they’ve been having debates recently around the country.

Many Canadians are concerned about the cost of living and inflation in the country.

A recession is on the minds of many people around the nation as well. One poll found that about 23% thought that within the next 3 months that the country might see a recession, while an even larger majority thought that we were already experiencing one.

House prices are concerning, gas prices, food prices, in general the cost of living has had many asking, when are things going to start looking better?

It isn’t only renters who might be struggling either as homeowners have also felt the increase and are concerned too about what they might be able to afford if things worsen.

Many Canadians have already started to react to those increases and change their buying habits. This might have meant looking for buying off brand or using coupons etc. The prices going up have pushed more individuals to have to look to make those cuts where they can in order to make it.

Community resources around the country are also going to feel that continued pressure of need from families who are struggling too. These are organizations that have already been overloaded during the pandemic and saw a drastic increase in need for their help around the country.

These organizations are always in need of more donations to try and keep up with that demand and they wouldn’t be able to function without that community generosity that has been there for so many years.

There are a number of apps available today for Canadians that can help them to navigate the market whether looking to use or find coupons or buy in bulk, compare prices etc. They have saved Canadians a great deal of time.

As well, social media accounts dedicated to teaching Canadians how to coupon and save have also grown in popularity in recent years too.

Pay What You Can Groceries

There are food banks available as well as food bank fridges in different cities around the province. Another option that has sprung up in Vancouver in recent years is the pay what you can grocery market known as the Rescued Food Market by the Food Stash Foundation in Vancouver .

They rescue food and look to reduce waste with their approach that helps to address food insecurity in one of the mostly costly cities to live in.

You shop around the Rescued Food Market in Vancouver and choose what items you need or want and then also choose what you are willing to give in-return for them.

It’s an option available to help meet the needs of those who are struggling to afford to get by right now and secure food. It wouldn’t hurt to have more food market operations like that around the province that could work to meet that need in Canadian communities of food insecurity.

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  1. I’ve already drastically cut back on spending. In Calif we also have a severe drought, further reducing food production and increasing the price of water. I remember the 80s/90s recession and dread doing it again – esp when I was hoping to stop working!

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