Inflation Worries Fuel Interest For Couponing

During grocery store visits over the last 20+ years it wasn’t a very common sight to see someone taking out coupons when they were paying for items.

You might see occasional coupons coming in with your paper subscription, but who is receiving those any longer to their residence? Coupons might be hard to come by for many.

For others there might be a sort of shame associated with using them too. But as prices have risen it has now seemed to push more to find a deal and save when possible.

There are numerous TikTok, Instagram, and other social media accounts, that are dedicated to teaching about all things couponing in Canada. These accounts have seen their following grow as more people have gone looking for help in learning how and where they can save when shopping.

There are a lot of apps out there today that might be able to help in that process and these accounts are doing the work in spreading awareness of what is available with things like the Checkout 51 app and others.

Apps For Shopping Deals

Today there are numerous apps available that can provide that help when shoppers are looking to browse for coupons and more.

These apps can ultimately save shoppers time by compiling their search for deals.

Rather than looking at each site individually for a store for example, to see what is on sale in the flyer that week, they can instead browse multiple flyers at once with certain apps, like Flipp.

This is going to save a great deal of time and effort when making that move to try and shop for deals.

The couponing culture isn’t quite the same in Canada as it is in the states and so you aren’t going to see the same sorts of deals in Canada that you might have seen on popular shows like Extreme Couponing.

There are still deals around to be found though and these accounts dedicated to couponing and saving can help connect shoppers with finding what’s out there.

Today many Canadians who are struggling need that help more than ever and they’ve gone looking for it.

Prices Going Up In Canada – Inflation a Top Worry

Inflation is on the minds of many and prices going up for gas and groceries already has some families spending hundreds of more dollars this year.

Money is a big worry for millions of people in Canada and that concern for inflation also seems to be growing, There is a lot of anxiety and money-related stress going on these days for Canadians, according to recent reports.

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