Grocery Market Delivery Growing Fast

The online grocery market delivery has been growing rapidly throughout the pandemic.

For a service that might have taken years for many people to try, almost overnight we saw that millions turned to ordering their food online and started to become familiar with the service.

The worldwide market for grocery delivery online has grown to around 7.2% according to some estimates and this market is expected to continue growing from here.

There are a number of benefits to online grocery delivery.

For those who cannot take time away from their children, or those who do not own a car and it isn’t easy to do their grocery shopping, for seniors who cannot carry too many items, for those who want to avoid impulse buying. There is more than one reason for why some might turn to do their grocery shopping online.

It does have its downside at times as well, with certain items being unavailable when you get your delivery or your delivery not coming at the expected time etc. But for millions it is clear that online grocery delivery works and in Canada we are seeing more online grocery delivery options come into the market.

You can find online grocery delivery at multiple grocery stores in BC now and this includes places like Save On Foods, SPUD, and more recently Safeway.


Aside from online grocery delivery options we also see a high demand for food delivery through third party services too like Uber Eats. With those options you can also have limited grocery buying abilities in certain stores for certain items etc, among other competitor apps that might give more variety.

It didn’t take long for online grocery shopping to become the norm.

  • Real Canadian Superstore Pickup and Delivery Service
  • Walmart Curbside Pickup
  • Save On Foods Delivery Service
  • Safeway Curbside Pickup with Voila
  • SPUD grocery delivery

These sorts of services are available in select areas around the country today for Canadians and there are multiple options in the Lower Mainland in BC.

These are only a few of the places that you can look for online grocery delivery or curbside pickup options. There are also other food platforms like Natura Market which offers products that meet certain diet restrictions for those who might be shopping for Paleo grocery items, keto grocery items, vegan or gluten-free.

Photo by Michael Burrows on Pexels.com

Can you get groceries delivered in Vancouver?

Around BC you can get groceries delivered from multiple grocery stores and there are curbside pickup options as well. There are also online only food stores too that offer a wide range of food items which can be delivered through third party delivery carriers.

Whether you are looking for ingredients for taco night or want some late night snacks from the grocery store there are multiple apps available in Vancouver to use like Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats, and more.

Is grocery delivery service reliable?

Yes, grocery delivery service can be highly reliable in enabling individuals and families to do their shopping in a shorter amount of time. From leaving the house to doing the shopping and getting everything back home for some individuals it can easily take an hour and by ordering online that is going to be time saved. Not everyone enjoys the task of grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping online has made things so much more convenient for many around the province. Some grocery delivery services like Save On Foods have been catering to the community for years now and have been known to offer a reliable grocery delivery service in Vancouver and elsewhere.

What is grocery curbside pickup?

Stores like Walmart and others now around Vancouver and the province enable Canadians to order online and pickup later at the store. You can stay in your car and an associate brings it out to you.

Similar to what you might experience when you order fast food delivery and go to pick-up at a later time, an associate brings out the order to you.

These options for grocery online ordering are saving Canadians a great deal of time and money too, especially with high gas costs and not needing to travel to do their shopping.

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