Working Poor Struggle With Gas Prices in Vancouver

Gas prices are well over $2 now in the Vancouver area and that means Canadians are looking for ways that they might be able to save on gas.

Browsing prices online is one way that many are looking to find the cheapest option near them, rather than hunting around and wasting even more by driving from location to location.

Gas prices are a hot topic these days in Vancouver but that isn’t really new. It has been difficult to watch it slowly creep up past the $2 point to $2.17 or $2.18 in some areas.

Spending Hundreds of Dollars on Gas Every Month

Those who are driving regularly have already felt the difference and for some who are working full-time it could mean spending hundreds of dollars every month just on gas to get to their job.


Why is gas so expensive in BC?

The question as to why British Columbians are paying more for their gas than many other jurisdictions is one that gets repeatedly asked. There isn’t a clear answer. Yes there are carbon fees that are attached to the gas prices which add additional pressure but that alone isn’t the answer.

Some in the industry have suggested that more supply would help to solve the problem.

Reducing or removing those fees though could make it more affordable for people in the province at a time when many are facing financial pressures on multiple fronts.

Inflation has increased the price of food, rents are rising, and other costs of goods and services, this leaves the standard of living threatened with British Columbians spending more just to get by.

There are concerns that gas prices could go even higher especially with summer coming and demand expected to spike for those who will be traveling more.

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The record gas prices might mean that some in BC are already choosing between which trips to take and trying to walk more whenever they can. For those with disabilities, for seniors, or others who are working long distances etc, that might not always be an option.

Gas prices going up are going to have a significant impact on the monthly budget of many that is already strained with prices going up in other parts of the economy for food and more.

The worst part is that those gas prices might not have reached their peak yet either, as industry experts have suggested.

Metro Vancouver not long ago reached the highest gas prices in North America and that isn’t a good thing for those who are on a fixed income and driving to work regularly who cannot afford to see their gas bills go up by hundreds of dollars.

A large portion of Canadians already struggle with their bills and are not in a good financial situation to be able to handle much more deterioration in their standard of living through increased inflation and growing prices.

Previous investigations or inquiries into the gas prices in the province haven’t come to any clear conclusion other than to find that there had been a significant and unexplained difference in price. They determined that about 13 cents per litre of gas costs that people were paying in the Metro Vancouver area could not be explained by economic conditions.

Gas prices in the region are a major concern to many and some political leaders have previously asserted that they are pushing for more fuel transparency.

There is still said to be an effort that is investigating the issue of gas prices. However, it is not yet clear how effective this might be at identifying the problem. It also isn’t clear if the results will be able to help to push the province forward toward a potential solution on the issue either.

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  1. So hard all around Canada, but BC definitely is getting hit the worst. I hope the government(s) will soon realize we are all in this together and take their share of responsibility by cutting taxes even just temporarily to give everyone a break.

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