Survey Finds Many Canadians Today Lack Outdoor Skills

A recent Scouts Canada Survey suggests that many Canadians today are lacking outdoor skills. When it comes to encountering bears in the woods, knowing about wild plants and which ones might be safe, or knowing how to camp, there are many lacking skills in this area.

For Canadians who do enjoy the outdoors there is no lack of opportunity around the country.

In BC there are multiple national parks and camping spaces to discover. If you are going for a weekend or several weeks you will find a rich variety of options for camping spaces and outdoor activities around the province.

Finding something to do outdoors in British Columbia is easy and this province has some of the best lakes, national parks, and top ski resorts, in the country. BC attracts visitors from around the world and across the country and the outdoor adventure opportunities that you find here are a big part of the attraction.

For Canadians who aren’t too great at camping skills it’s okay for most because they will likely never end up in a situation where they need them. Though some might tell you it’s better to have the skills and not need them then to need them and not have them.

Spending time outdoors isn’t high on the to-do list for most these days. Canadians on average aren’t spending a lot of time in outdoor spaces. This seems to be the case regardless of many Canadians reporting that they truly enjoy spending time outdoors.

Looking at Spending More Time Outdoors

One survey from Mazda Canada from 2021 found that many Canadians were planning on spending at least 18 hours per week outdoors last summer.

For those who aren’t getting out enough common reasons are that there is not enough time and also a lack of motivation as well for some.

For Canadians who are getting out and enjoying outdoor activities they report feeling that it helps them in a number of ways including with boosting their own productivity.

What are the most popular outdoor activities for Canadians?

The most popular outdoor activities for Canadians are walking and hiking.


While camping and spending time outdoors working on those outdoor skills isn’t the most favorable pastime for many Canadians there are still many who love camping and outdoor activities.

This year is expected to be another busy camping season for BC and if it is anything like last year then there are going to be hundreds of thousands of camping reservations made around the province.

What are outdoor adventure skills?

As a part of the outdoor adventures skills program where are a variety of skills that might be recognized. This could include sailing skills, winter skills, trail skills, camping skills, and more.

Canadians have been spending at least 4 hours per day on average using different apps on their phone and for some individuals trying to get more outdoor time it might mean spending less on the phone to get it. Finding the motivation however is going to be another obstacle that many have to overcome.

Past research has suggested that there are a variety of benefits to spending time outdoors. Scientists looking into the connections with spending time outdoors have asserted that spending that time in nature might have different positive effects on out brains and be able to possibly promote more physical activity and wellbeing.

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