Survey: Around 31% Of Canadians Not Earning Enough to Pay Their Bills

According to a recent survey by Ipsos it looks like roughly 31% of Canadians or more aren’t earning enough money to pay their bills.

Inflation is a big issue that is on the minds of many and for Canadians that already means looking where to save money and being more concerned about their financial future. Inflation and the cost of living is a top concern for millions of Canadians these days.

Canadians around the country are struggling to afford what they need and to keep a roof over their head and that is further reflected in this recent poll by Ipsos.

The survey showed that roughly 31% of Canadians don’t have enough to pay their bills and their debt, they don’t have a lot of room to absorb an increase in the cost of living.

This means that for some it could be just a few hundred dollars or more that would make them unable to meet their financial obligations and that means that inflation is more of a worry than ever. Gas prices have been rising, food prices, rent prices, and this is causing more Canadians to wonder when things might get better.

60% of Canadians worried about inflation

Other previous surveys on this topic have suggested that as many as 6 in 10 Canadians might be worried about inflation, the cost of living, and the general ability to feed their families.

If things get more expensive for gas, food, rent, and more, then it could mean more Canadian families are facing food insecure households and struggling with poverty and a decreased standard of living.

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