BC Businesses Welcome Back Guests After Passports Dropped

The vaccine passports were recently dropped in BC and that means that businesses around the province are once again welcoming more guests into their venues.

The changes in those pass programs means that more can go out and dine at a restaurant, see a movie, and engage in other activities. Meanwhile, there might be some still around who are doing it on their own and enforcing requirements to keep the passports.

The changes are expected to bring a boost in sales and this is much needed for the restaurant industry that has been hit hard throughout the pandemic. As spring warms up and summer approaches it means that restaurants will be looking at their busy season and hoping to make a comeback.

For some businesses they might have had to hire extra team members just to keep up with checking those documents for the program and now that it is no longer required that frees up some costs for them.

Many restaurants were lost through the pandemic and a number of small businesses might still be suffering because of the changes that the pandemic brought upon them.

The restaurant industry is ready to celebrate the end of masks, passports, and a return to more of a normal in the region.

The BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association has suggested that this will likely be a good move for business and they aren’t alone, many are eager to see how fast things might turn around for restaurants now with passports lifted.

This is a busy season for restaurants around the province and this is a move that can help them to see more potential business and so it is going to be a move that could easily increase the chances of small businesses being able to continue seeing success when they need it most.

A number of memorable and historic restaurants were lost through the pandemic and for those that are still standing it doesn’t mean that they are through the storm just yet.

As we see more restrictions are lifted we have started to see the province return to more of a normal and it is clear that many people cannot wait to get out, enjoy the weather, and get back to enjoying their communities.

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