Ready For A Comeback: Cruise Ship Season Still Lagging in Vancouver

Cruise ships aren’t back to full swing in the Lower Mainland of BC yet, the first ship that was scheduled to arrive this spring in the city just cancelled those plans.

The cruise ship that was to be arriving soon in BC was the first for the region in several years since the start of the pandemic.

The loss of that tourism and cruise ship traffic has been devastating to the economy and things are not going smoothly as far as starting it back up again, and now seeing a cancellation right at the start. Things aren’t over yet and there is hope for a bright season ahead for cruises coming into Vancouver.

Another cruise is expected to be coming into Vancouver on April 10 2022.

It was the Caribbean Princess that was expected in Victoria on April 6 and then in Vancouver on April 7 2022, but the company has cancelled those plans to work on the vessel and they are reportedly looking into COVID-19 cases on board.

How many cruise ships are coming to BC in 2022?

There is hope for things to come back strong for cruises in Vancouver and around BC this year, the province is expecting to possibly see hundreds of ships docking in Vancouver this season for 2022.

We haven’t seen cruise ships as usual for years now in the province on the West Coast and that change has had a significant impact on businesses big and small in the region.

Those hundreds of cruise ships that are expected to come through will be carrying hundreds of thousands of tourists with them to the area.

Cruise Ship Tourism Has Big Impact

The tourism traffic extends far beyond just the obvious ship and hotels for cruise ship passengers coming into the area. Aside from those direct businesses serving tourists there are also cafes, small business shops, bars, the province has a range of businesses that cater to those in this industry.

There is a big impact that the cruise industry has on small businesses in the region. This one is a multi-billion dollar industry for Canada and those cruise ships coming in go on to help fuel a myriad of jobs and business demand for small companies.

Vancouver businesses are relieved to see cruises coming back again.

There are many who are eager to get things back to normal and to see this thriving industry witness brighter days ahead after suffering so greatly through the pandemic.

It’s already getting started this year with plans for many ships and passengers expected to come through this season.

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