Cherry Blossoms Blooming Now Around Vancouver

Cherry blossom trees are blooming now around the Metro Vancouver area, spring has fully arrived and it’s the perfect time to see the cherry blossoms in the city.

Over this past weekend was the picnic to kick things off and you can find many cherry blossom trees around Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, and other BC cities to take part once again in the Cherry Blossom Festival that’s going on this year.

Cherry Blossom Festival 2022

There are a variety of events to find going on as a part of this popular blossom-themed festival once more and that includes discovering a wide range of beautiful cherry blossoms this season.

They can be found at the popular destinations like VanDusen Botanical Garden and other outdoor spaces around the Lower Mainland.

Sakura Days Japan Fair returns to the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver as a part of the 2022 Cherry Blossom Festival, you won’t want to miss that colorful and memorable experience.

The big picnic was planned for this weekend and the Cherry Blossom Festival is just getting started.

Right now things might not be ideal weather for walking around to see some of the beautiful cherry blossom trees around Vancouver, but now is when they are starting to fully bloom and look their best.

Some of those popular cherry blossom tree locations have already started to see an uptick in traffic as a result.

cherry blossom tree in BC

Around Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland there are many different cherry blossom destinations to find. Along St Johns St in Port Moody they’ve got a beautiful area with cherry blossom trees that line the street, Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park, and VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, around Kitsilano Beach, Garry Point Park, and many other areas.

Cherry blossom trees add a lot of color and beauty to the province during spring and there are a wide variety of cherry blossom trees to find all over the Lower Mainland, many of which have already been mapped thanks to the popularity of the festival and interest for cherry blossom trees in general.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a sign that spring is here and it gives us a reminder to get out and enjoy some of the most beautiful sights this country has to offer.

The festival has done a great job at preserving and highlighting the culture of cherry blossom trees and bringing communities together and once again is another year and opportunity to take part in this spring-centered festival.

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