BC Announces Plans For Its Own Gas Rebate

While some jurisdictions in the United States have discussed gas rebates with sending money out to drivers, or other areas looking at a halt on some gas taxes etc, BC too is looking to help people in the province.

The province just recently announced a one time payment for drivers to help with gas relief while BC drivers see some of the highest prices right now for fuel.

BC One Time Gas Payment 2022

The payment would go to ICBC customers, sending either $110 or $165 for commercial vehicles, as an intended tool to help with those high gas prices in the province.

The Premier recently announced the idea of the gas rebate in BC just this week and overall it would mean that more than $395 million is being sent out to people around the province.

The help cannot come soon enough for those who are truly struggling right now with the high cost of gas and groceries, as well as sky high real estate and rent prices too.

However, if it all goes through it doesn’t look like that money for gas rebates in BC might be going through until May or June.

The high gas prices are making it more expensive for Canadians to get to work, and eating into the profits for delivery gig drivers too. Some of those ride-sharing workers are already leaving their jobs because of the high gas cost.

The prices are still expected to increase for gas in BC as well, when the carbon taxes go up in a few days.

While there are some regions in North America which have sought to suspend those extra taxes on gas momentarily for drivers to give them some relief, other ideas from Canadian leaders have been to turn to rebates like this one to be given out as a one-time relief payment to help instead.

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