Another Busy Camping Year for BC

BC has many different camping parks to find all over the province and great places to book a day trip or stay for a day or two if you are looking for more of an outdoor getaway.

Just recently, reservations started for camping in BC and already they’ve seen high demand for the season.

Thousands of people were ready to get their reservations in recently when the website was supposed to launch and it is always recommended that you look to book as early as you can when you know you are wanting to go away for the season.

If you wait then you might see the spots fill up quickly. This has been the case in the past where people have had a hard time trying to book something because of the high camping demand around BC.

There are a number of great camping spots to find around BC that offer a variety of camping styles, from RV spots to tent areas, and more. The new system that was supposed to recently start accepting those camping reservations though did catch some negative feedback for the difficulty for some that still might be posed in trying to secure a spot.

1000s of Camping Spots Booked for 2022

Already there are thousands of bookings that have been made for BC camping for the 2022 season. A large portion of those bookings were also made within the first few hours of the site going live for reservations.

There will be many looking to make day camping trips around BC and others staying for longer, with no shortage of places to look to plan a fun outdoor camping vacation. This is one of the most popular camping destinations in the country and each year we see high demand around BC for camping all over the province.

For those looking to camp around BC there is also the option of finding different private camping destinations and booking through their site to make a reservation directly too.

Over 3 million campers in 2021

When searching through the options for making camping reservations in BC with resources like the BC Parks website you can search for camping destinations based on personal preferences like a need for a cabin, group space, a campsite for certain equipment, and more.

Last year was a busy year for the camping season in BC and there were over 3 million campers that went out to have an outdoor adventure that season. We can expect that this year again will see the usual high demand for camping also because of the popularity of camping in the area.

Due to that high demand there are major investments that have been going into BC Parks to update those spaces, that funding has been directed to help cater to that high camping demand for reservations that we see year after year.

2022 Busiest Travel Season Ever?

It has been predicted by some, like the Expedia CEO, that 2022 might see the busiest travel season ever. As restrictions are lifted, with federal restrictions still remaining and yet to be lifted, it gives more opportunity for others to also get out and plan vacations this year too.

Thousands of camping reservations have already been made and it might not take long for things to start filling up quicker as the season heats up.

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